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Children's Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School

We offer a complete preschool Sunday School ministry for those age 3 - Kindergarten during both morning services. Children may participate during one or more services depending on the needs of each family.

Primary Sunday School

Because we think it is important for elementary aged children to worship with their parents in a worship service, kids of this age (especially 3rd grade and up) are encouraged to attend either the 8:45 am or 10:30 am Sunday School class rather than both. We've created a "Kids in Worship" booklet to help them stay engaged during the worship service. These are available at Children’s Building Welcome Center, or the Welcome Center in the Worship Center Lobby.

During the 10:30 am service in the summer, instead of regular children's classes, we have a family class for 1st - 5th graders and their parents.

Special Needs

We minister to children with special needs in the Children's Building during both morning worship services. We provide a flexible, safe, and welcoming environment to share the love of God and the joy of His gospel.

Planning your first visit?

When you arrive on Sunday, visit the Welcome Center in the Children's Building lobby. Volunteers will be happy to assist you with check-in and locating your child's classroom. If you'd like to save a few minutes, you can pre-fill and print a family registration card at home.

Registration Card


  1. Sunday School Volunteers

    Full-time and substitute service opportunities are available for adult volunteers in preschool classes, elementary classes, and the resource room during both morning services.

    If you have questions, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Sunday School Schedule

    • 2020-02-09
    • God Punishes Judah
    • 2 Kings 21:1-18; 24:1-25:30
    • We should fear the Lord, who hates and punishes all sin.
    For the Ride Home
    For the Ride Home
    • Did Manasseh follow the example of his father, Hezekiah, of trusting and obeying God?
    • Did he lead the people well? What did the people do while he was king?
    • What did God do because of Manasseh’s wickedness and Judah’s sin?
    • How does the gospel give you hope even though you deserve God’s punishment for your sin?
    • How did God punish Adam's disobedience?
    • Adams punishment was death and separation from God.
    • 2020-02-16
    • Review
    • 1 Kings 8 - 2 Kings
    • God is a gracious Savior, but He is also just and must punish sin.
    For the Ride Home
    For the Ride Home
    • Who are some of the main characters in these books?
    • What do we learn from their lives?
    • What do we learn about God in these books?
    • How do you see God as both a gracious Savior and one who punishes sin?
    • What is sin?
    • Sin is disobedience against God's perfect law by failing to do what God commands or doing what God forbids.
    • 2020-02-23
    • God Shows Mercy to Jonah and Nineveh - Part 1
    • Jonah 1-2
    • God demonstrated His heart for the nations by sending Jonah to Nineveh.
    For the Ride Home
    For the Ride Home
    • What did God command Jonah to do? How did Jonah respond?
    • How did God show mercy toward Jonah?
    • Does God still care about the nations? How do you know?
    • How can we be a part of obeying God's command to take the gospel to the nations?
    • 2020-03-01
    • God Shows Mercy to Jonah and Nineveh - Part 2
    • Jonah 3-4
    • We should rejoice that God is merciful, and we should be gracious & compassionate toward others.
    For the Ride Home
    For the Ride Home
    • How did the Ninevites respond to God’s Word proclaimed by Jonah?
    • How was God gracious to the Ninevites?
    • What was Jonah's reaction?
    • Why should Christians be gracious and compassionate toward others?
    • What happened to Adam and Eve when they sinned?
    • Instead of being holy and happy, they became sinful and miserable.
    • 2020-03-08
    • God Uses Esther to Protect His People
    • Esther
    • Those who belong to God should trust His plan, power and protection.
    For the Ride Home
    For the Ride Home
    • How did Esther become queen?
    • Why did Haman hate the Jews? What was his plan to kill them?
    • How did God use Mordecai and Esther to protect the Jews?
    • When is it most difficult for you to trust God?
    • What did Adam's sin do to you?
    • It made me guilty and sinful.
    • 2020-03-15
    • God Uses Daniel to Interpret the King's Dream
    • Daniel 2
    • God has a sovereign plan for all of human history.
    For the Ride Home
    For the Ride Home
    • Why did Nebuchadnezzar want to kill all the wise men in Babylon?
    • What did Daniel do when he heard Nebuchadnezzar wanted to kill him?
    • What did Daniel tell Nebuchadnezzar before he interpreted the dream?
    • What do we learn about God from the meaning of the dream?
    • What does every sin deserve?
    • The wrath and curse of God